Hur Confirms Biden’s Poor Memory Factored In to Decision Not to Charge Him

( – Robert Hur confirmed that his recommendations to avoid charges for President Joe Biden in his special report stemmed from the president’s “poor memory.”

Hur confirmed his reasoning while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. Hur’s report specifically described Biden as “an elderly man with a poor memory.” However, he also said that he couldn’t just recommend no charges despite concluding that Biden did mishandle classified documents. He needed to explain why, and the answer was Biden’s forgetfulness.

Hur’s conclusion was partially reached during interviews with the president for his special report. He originally claimed that Biden forgot the year his son Beau died. Biden responded angrily to that accusation, and Democrats accused him of lying for the sake of a political agenda. However, transcripts released later proved that Biden did forget the year of his son’s death. They also proved that Biden brought up his son’s death despite his claim that he was asked about it.

Hur also reached his conclusion from the unusual circumstances of Biden’s handling of the documents in his home. Biden admitted that he allowed unauthorized personnel to help move the boxes containing them around his garage. However, he also admitted that he forgot what was in the boxes. Additionally, investigators found classified documents stored in unusual places, including inside a container of potting soil and in a broken dog crate.

Hur later said the president told him “I just found all the classified stuff downstairs.” However, he didn’t remember discussing them with his ghost writer or finding them after his term as vice president ended. He claimed that he neither left out important details nor exaggerated to harm the president’s reputation. He also said that he believes the details were essential for his report’s conclusion.

Despite that, he was attacked by both Democrats and Republicans during the House Judiciary Committee. Democrats accused him of showing a bias against Biden, while Republicans said he was being hypocritical since Trump is facing similar charges.

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