Hunter Biden’s Legal Defense Dealt Massive Blow

Hunter Biden's Legal Defense Dealt Massive Blow

( – The Department of Justice revealed in a January 16 filing that US authorities found cocaine residue back in 2018 on Hunter Biden’s brown leather gun pouch. Experts believe that the latest revelation represents a massive blow to the president’s son’s legal defense against three different gun charges.

According to media reports, prosecutors used the cocaine residue evidence to urge the judge presiding over Hunter Biden’s gun case to reject his request for the judge to dismiss the matter. In the court filing, DOJ prosecutors noted that investigators “found drugs” on the pouch where President Joe Biden’s son “kept his gun.” They also pointed out that an FBI chemist determined that the white substance was “indeed cocaine.”

About the revelation, Hunter Biden’s legal defense said that it shouldn’t change anything as their client didn’t break the law. They also contended that prosecutors “selectively charged” Hunter Biden for political reasons and suggested he could be a victim of a political prosecution. The president’s son has acknowledged on multiple occasions he has used crack cocaine.

Prosecutors dismissed their claims, as they noted there is no evidence to support Hunter Biden’s allegations that his father’s administration authorized prosecution by the Special Counsel and Attorney General for any “political purpose.” They added that such a political operation would imply a coordination between President Biden and a Justice Department that is led by someone appointed by him.

In July, the president’s son refused to accept a plea agreement laid out by US prosecutors after negotiations sank, following a question that Judge Maryellen Noreika made about a “diversion agreement.” The deal afforded Hunter Biden the chance to plead guilty to tax evasion in 2017 and 2018, receiving probation instead of jail time. Additionally, Special Counsel David Weiss devised another diversion agreement that gave the president’s son immunity from future charges, which included the provision to wipe a felony gun violation from his criminal record.

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