Hunter Biden Served With Multiple Charges

Hunter Biden Served With Multiple Charges

( – Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is facing new criminal charges in addition to his previous charges of lying on a federal form to obtain a firearm. The new charges accuse the president’s son of not paying his taxes for several years despite having the funds to do so.

A 56-page indictment was released detailing the newest charges against Hunter Biden, which includes nine total charges — three of which are felonies. The felonies are for filing a fraudulent form, evading an assessment, and failing to file his taxes.

The indictment alleges that Hunter spent four years scheming to avoid nearly $1.5 million in tax obligations. Though Hunter Biden eventually paid his 2018 taxes, there are accusations that he included “false business deductions” to lower the amount he would be required to pay.

The additional charges mean Hunter Biden might be facing two separate trials, which may affect his father’s chances of re-election.

On a recent appearance on the podcast “Moby Pod” with famous musician and activist Moby, Hunter Biden made accusations that he is being targeted by Republicans to destroy his father’s presidency. He referred to his critics as “motherf—ers” and “not [mentally] healthy people,” adding he wouldn’t let them bring him down. Hunter Biden expressed his belief that they want to use him as “another example” of how people with addiction issues cannot be trusted, but that he would remain sober and prove them wrong.

Hunter Biden refuted claims that his family is a criminal enterprise or corrupt in any way, as his father has been a public official for over 50 years and has released decades of his own tax returns. Hunter Biden also claimed that the Republicans going after him are hoping he will end his own life, all in an attempt to take down President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys did not respond to a request for comment on the latest indictment, nor did the White House.

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