Hundreds Reported Dead or Missing

( – A massive flash flooding decimated nearly 10 districts across Afghanistan’s province of Baghlan on May 10, killing over 300 people and destroying thousands of homes. Some journalists said that hundreds of people are still missing and described the tragedy as one of the worst disasters that the Middle Eastern nation has suffered over the last few years.

While no agency has officially estimated the number of people missing, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that 1,630 are severely injured and that 315 villagers died. The agency added that 1,000 animals died and that the death toll could be massively increased over the next few days because of the number of missing people and because many of the injured will probably die from their wounds. Reporting agency NC4 also said in a separate statement that 2,800 homes were severely damaged, and 2,500 residences in the eight districts were utterly destroyed.

The WHO explained that the situation on the field is devastating as hundreds of people are visibly trapped in their houses beneath mud and debris, and it has been almost impossible to rescue them. Despite the situation, the agency claimed search and rescue operations are currently ongoing to save as many lives as possible.

Many videos of the tragedy became viral on social media. The footage showed streets buried in mud, with people, houses, and animals beneath. Farmers were also seen on video yelling that wood debris, rocks, and the mud covering wheat crop fields would make it almost impossible to replant them.

In another statement, the United Nations said that the Afghan regime announced it would deploy Air Force helicopters over the next few days to help with search and rescue operations in the area. The international organization added that the helicopters would also send food and medication to the people in the area, which is impossible for trucks to enter because most of the roads were destroyed.

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