Hundreds of Casualties Reported in Shocking Terrorist Attack

Hundreds of Casualties Reported in Shocking Terrorist Attack

( – A drone attack killed at least 100 people in Syria during a military graduation ceremony on October 4. Reports revealed that another 240 people were severely injured and noted that local authorities believe this attack was made by terrorists.

During a press conference, Hassan Al-Ghabash, Syria’s Minister of health, told reporters that the attack at the military college in the Western city of Homs was made by “numerous” drones equipped with explosive devices. He also said that many of the victims were women and children.

When asked who was behind the attack, the minister said “the terrorists,” without elaborating. He also said they deliberately targeted the graduation ceremony of the military students and pointed out this led to the killing of “80 martyrs.” Al-Ghabash pointed out that Syrian authorities believe this attack was planned weeks ago.

In an earlier statement, the Syrian Armed Forces explained that the “terrorist attack” occurred when the ceremony was about to end, as the military students were celebrating their graduation with friends and family. The Syrian Armed Forces pointed out that the group behind this “vile act” was a terrorist organization “fully supported” by well-known “international forces.” It also said that the Syrian government would respond to this terrorist attack with decisiveness and “full force.”

As of this writing, no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for this attack. Some Syrian state-controlled media outlets suggested that ISIS could be behind the event. However, independent reports pointed out this seems unlikely, as ISIS’ modus operandi has always claimed responsibility a couple of hours after a terrorist operation.

According to a Reuters report, a man who survived the attack said no one knows where the “bombs came from.” The witness, one of the staffers who set up decorations at the graduation ceremony, told the news agency that explosives hit when “everyone went to the courtyard.”

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