Houthi Leader Threatens to Attack American Forces

Houthi Leader Threatens to Attack American Forces

(NationRise.com) – Yemen’s Houthi leader Abel-Malek al-Houthi recently said that his terrorist forces will keep attacking US warships in the Red Sea if Operation Prosperity Guardian uses military force against them. During a televised speech, al-Houthi said that his terrorist group won’t stand “idly” if the “imperialist dogs” want to escalate violence and commit the “foolishness” of attacking “our nation” or waging “a war against it.”

He added that any American who “dares to threaten” Yemen will be targeted and claimed that every US battleship and vessel will be “a target” for their drones, military operations, and missiles. Al-Houthi also noted that if the United States wants to enter into a “direct war” against the Houthi rebels, Washington should be aware that the terrorist group doesn’t “fear them.”

During his televised speech, the terrorist leader pointed out that the United States will face a “harsher” scenario than the one they “suffered” in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Over the last few weeks, the Houthis have attacked numerous American and allied warships in the Red Sea with missiles and drones. However, US Defense Department officials have said that every single Houthi drone that has approached British or American warships has been properly intercepted and neutralized. Different reports noted that the US Navy destroyer USS Carney wiped out a swarm of 14 Houthi drones in a single encounter.

On December 18, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced the start of Operation Prosperity Guardian, which is a formation of ten member states that plans to restore all types of operations in the Red Sea through a security coalition. Since the Israeli government declared war against Hamas, following the October 7 attacks, Houthi rebels have attacked commercial vessels in the Red Sea as a way of showing solidarity with the Palestinian terrorist group. Political analysts have warned that if commercial operations keep being disrupted in the Red Sea, many countries around the world (including many US allies) could face an economic crisis.

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