House Overwhelmingly Votes to Block Resolution

( – The House of Representatives voted on May 8 to block Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resolution to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson from his post. The Congress voted to kill her effort with a final result of 359 to 43, with only 11 Republicans supporting her move.

Political analysts believe that the result represents a significant hit for Greene, as her resolution was a risky move that could now affect her political career and leadership in the Republican Party. Before the voting, former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump said on his Truth Social account that while he likes Greene and appreciates her commitment to the MAGA agenda, he disagreed with ousting Johnson.

He explained that the GOP has the opportunity to recover the White House and claimed that these divisions might represent an obstacle to that goal. Trump also said that all polls show he has a lead against President Joe Biden, and he could experience a decline in popularity with such political moves.

Over the last few weeks, Greene has been vocal about her belief that the House Speaker has betrayed the Republican Party. She argues that he has supported numerous measures that most conservatives don’t support, with the main one being sending more military aid to Ukraine at a moment when many Americans are still experiencing the failure of “Bidenomics.”

Following the vote, Johnson held a short press conference in which he said that Greene’s efforts to oust him were deeply “misguided.” He also expressed his gratitude to those who voted against her resolution, saying it was a way of showing “confidence” in his role as a House Speaker. Johnson added that all he wants now is to do his job.

Following the vote, the congresswoman told reporters that the vote results didn’t surprise her, as she knew that was going to be the final vote count. She added that she doesn’t regret going ahead with the motion, as she said there was no other option.

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