House Chairman Slams UN Over Upcoming Report

House Chairman Slams UN Over Upcoming Report

( – The US House Agriculture Committee Chairman Glenn Thompson (R-PA) slammed an upcoming UN report expected to demand that Western nations significantly reduce meat consumption and production.

Experts believe the report includes a roadmap detailing how the UN expects the United States and other Western nations are expected to wean themselves away from meat products. The report has no official release date but is expected within the next couple of weeks. It will likely be released during the COP28 summit, during which global leaders will converge to discuss climate change, in Dubai.

The Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), a branch of the UN that’s releasing the report, also outlines how western farmers should adapt to “erratic weather” while finding ways to reduce their carbon emissions. Climate change is the driving claim behind the UN’s demands to reduce meat consumption.

Thompson slammed the proposed legislation expected in the report, saying that regulating western ranchers out of existence will just shift production to other nations, particularly those that are hostile towards the West. That, he said, could jeopardize global food supply chains.

He also said that American farmers have already reduced their emissions significantly while producing essential products, including food and fuel. Data published by the American Farm Bureau confirms that farmers in the United States have managed to increase production while reducing emissions.

The United Nations has previously suggested that people begin replacing meat with bugs to reduce carbon emissions. It also claimed that consuming bugs may help improve nutritional intake. In previous reports, the global body has demanded that restaurants begin adopting insect dishes as part of their menus.

Some health experts are also concerned about insect-based diets. Bugs can pass dangerous bacteria and allergens to humans if they are not stored, cleaned, and prepared properly. They may also pick up substances that inhibit the human body’s ability to absorb nutrients as part of their typical life cycles. Many experts also conclude that more studies are needed before insects can be considered as a suitable replacement for meat.

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