Harris Accepts Challenge Against Unknown Opponent

(NationRise.com)—US President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign said on May 15 that it accepted CBS News’ invitation to participate in the network’s vice presidential debate.

The campaign detailed that the only dates acceptable for U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris would be July 23 or August 13. It remains unclear who will be her opponent, as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign hasn’t named a running mate so far. Also, the conservative leader’s campaign hasn’t accepted CBS News’ invitation yet.

In a press conference, Harris’ campaign communications director, Brian Fallon, expressed the vice president’s eagerness for the Trump team to accept the networks’ invitation and one of the two proposed dates. He also emphasized that Harris is prepared to debate anyone who becomes Trump’s running mate, adding to the anticipation of the upcoming vice presidential debate.

The network confirmed in a statement that it had extended an offer to the two presidential campaigns to host the vice presidential debate at a mutually agreeable date. Observers noted that while the Biden campaign swiftly accepted, the Trump campaign is strategically waiting for the confirmation of the former president’s running mate to accept the offer, viewing a debate with Harris as a strategic opportunity.

Both campaigns already agreed to two presidential debates hosted by CBS News on July 27 and September 3, at a moment when many polls have shown that Trump has a slight lead over President Biden. Liberal network CNN also announced that the two presidential nominees also agreed to a presidential debate hosted by them, which will take place in Atlanta on June 27.

Over the last few months, many polls have shown that Kamala Harris is unpopular among most Americans, who believe she lacks charisma. Some journalists have even revealed that members of the Biden campaign have recommended the president pick another running mate so he could have more chances of winning the presidential election.

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