Haley Blasts Biden and Trump: ‘Not Normal’

(NationRise.com) – Former South Carolina governor and presidential candidate Nikki Haley took swings at US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump on February 20 for their “not normal” behavior. She also argued that both parties’ front-runners shouldn’t be elected because of their old age.

During an interview with The Hill’s NewsNation, Haley told host Blake Burman that the United States would be at risk if either Trump or President Biden won the election, as the presidency would be given to someone who is “at risk of dementia.” When the host asked her if she believed any of them was already suffering from that illness, Haley said that any doctor or health expert would agree that anyone who is near their 80s is prone to having dementia. She added, “There’s a reason” why pilots all over the world are prohibited from flying after 65 and why the military makes people retire before that age.

The former South Carolina governor also told Burman she wasn’t seeing “normal behavior” from any of the frontrunners. President Biden, who is 81 years old, is already the oldest president in United States history to serve in the Oval Office. Trump is 77 years old.

When asked about the current state of the country, Haley said it was “not normal” that authorities weren’t stopping people from entering illegally into the country. She explained that the border crisis was one of President Biden’s biggest failures. She also accused the commander-in-chief of being the main responsible for some of the main problems of the education system, where teachers are focusing more on “gender pronouns” than math and reading.

When asked about Trump, she said it was “not normal” that the GOP frontrunner repeatedly stated that he was going to ban his political opponents. She also took issue with the way Trump has mocked military members and veterans. While most polls show that it would be extremely difficult for Haley to win the nomination, many political analysts believe she remains in the race as she’s still waiting for Trump’s legal problems to affect his popularity.

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