Governor Abbott Announces New Border, Dems Explode

Governor Abbott Announces New Border, Dems Explode

( – Texas Republican Governor Gregg Abbot recently highlighted his move to expand Operation Lone Star, which includes the extension of the border barrier in El Paso along the state’s New Mexico border.

On October 18, the GOP leader said that Texas authorities will start installing fencing “along the New Mexico border,” and added that the different barriers around El Paso pushed illegal migrants to enter the so-called Land of Enchantment. Abbot explained that the illegal migrants eventually entered El Paso from New Mexico, which he claimed was the reason why he decided to build the barrier on the state’s border as soon as possible.

According to different reports, the Texas National Guard placed a concertina wire barrier in a zone close to New Mexico’s Sunland Park, which shares a border with Texas’ El Paso.

Following this announcement, Texas and New Mexico Democrats condemned the operation, claiming it could have negative and unpredictable consequences for the two states. In a joint statement, the parties contended that the decision to create this new border was nothing more than a “stunt” funded with the tax dollars of “working Texas” families. Democrats from the two parties added this would result not only in injuries of “vulnerable migrants” but also in community division along the two states and environmental damage.

In the statement, they added that the Texas governor didn’t have any plan to adequately address the “broken immigration system” that has created so many issues for the United States over the last few months. They also pointed out that Abbot is only “adding more fuel” to the “dumpster fire” they believe Operation Lone Star represents.

During a short interview with ABC’s WLS-TV 7, a spokesperson for New Mexico Democratic Representative Gabe Vasquez claimed that officials from this state weren’t notified about Abbot’s plan.

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