GOP Threatens to Shut Down Senate Over Mayorkas Impeachment

( – GOP senators are threatening to shut down the Senate unless they get a comprehensive trial into the impeachment articles against US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Over the last few months, Republicans in both chambers have been labeling him as the Biden administration’s primary source responsible for the border crisis.

As reported by Fox News, six sources explained that a dozen Republican senators have been planning to take the action for weeks. One of the sources, a Senate GOP aide who spoke under condition of anonymity, said that the upper chamber’s operations rely on unanimous agreement and detailed that every senator has the authority to “do that.”

During an April 9 press conference, Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee explained that Senators will have to agree on certain points of order when the impeachment articles arrive in the upper chamber. He also told reporters that senators will negotiate the impeachment proceedings’ procedural metes.

At the same press conference, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy told reporters that Senate pro tempore President and Washington Democratic Senator Patty Murray would preside over the whole process. Kennedy added that he believed she wouldn’t “recognize us,” as he believed that Senate Majority Leader and New York Democrat Chuck Schumer would ask her to take that step so Republicans wouldn’t be able to make a “point of order.”

Fox News also revealed that House Speaker and Louisiana Republican Representative Mike Johnson will deliver the impeachment articles against Mayorkas to the Senate next week. The conservative network explained he would do it after facing pressure from numerous Republican senators who didn’t want the trial to start before the weekend.

Since the beginning of the Biden administration, the United States has been dealing with an unprecedented crisis at the southern border, with thousands of illegal immigrants entering every day. While many conservative politicians and commentators have called for Mayorkas to resign, he has said on numerous occasions that he won’t do it even if he’s impeached.

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