GOP Candidate Hits Biden’s Agenda With a Flamethrower, Literally

( – Republican state senator Niraj Antani of Ohio is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote an ad of him using an actual flamethrower to torch President Joe Biden’s agenda metaphorically.

Antani also takes on “spineless” Republicans who, in his view, frequently cave to agendas set by Democrats and the Biden administration. Republicans at both local and federal levels have been accused by constituents of being weak and caving when negotiating with Democrats.

Antani also said that President Trump is right before playing a clip of him calling Biden the “worst president in our history.” Biden has tied for the second-lowest presidential job rating of any president over the past 70 years. His administration has been rocked by a series of gaffes that have left Americans concerned about whether he can effectively serve another four years.

Antani served three terms as a state representative in Ohio before running for the state’s senate. The 33-year-old is the youngest person to serve in Ohio’s Senate. He is also the first Gujarati Hindu elected to a state office and will be the first to fill a federal seat if elected. He is hoping to win a congressional seat representing Ohio’s 2nd District.

He has frequently attacked both far-left politicians and Republicans that he believes cave too easily on X (formerly Twitter). He was blocked by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2018 after repeatedly criticizing her on the platform. He has also used X to share endorsements from conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro.

Ohio’s primaries will be held on March 19th. Republican Brad Wenstrup currently represents the state’s second district. He announced his retirement in November 2023, promising to “reveal the facts about the origins of COVID” before leaving. He has represented the district since 2013.

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