Gavin Newsom Goes Viral for Embarrassing Moment

Gavin Newsom Goes Viral for Embarrassing Moment

( – Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California is facing ridicule and backlash after tripping over a child before falling on top of him during a basketball game in China. After knocking the child over, Newsom can be seen laughing as he grabs the boy and rolls over with him, slapping his back the whole time.

Conservatives took to X (Twitter) to express how bizarre they found the footage to be while accusing him of using children for political pandering. They also reiterated questions of why Newsom is in China while inflation and homelessness continue to increase in his state at unprecedented levels.

One reporter questioned Newsom about his trip directly during an interview. He responded by claiming that US soil is becoming “aridified” (sic). He was referring to the process of “aridification,” by which a region becomes increasingly dry and more desert-like.

Newsom claims that a partnership between China and the United States is the solution to halting climate change. He is not the first US Democrat diplomat who’s tried to convince the Chinese Communist Party to take action on the issue, as John Kerry has visited the nation previously.

Newsom also visited Israel ahead of his trip to China. During the single-day visit, he took photos with victims of the Hamas attack before meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders.

Political pundits were quick to ridicule that trip as well. The trip comes shortly after Newsom signed a bill that forbids Californian citizens from concealed carrying firearms into their own places of worship. The move comes at a time when Jewish people face increased global persecution.

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