Funeral Plans Being Updated as Royal’s Health Declining

(—The royal family is reportedly making funeral preparations for King Charles, whose health continues to decline.

Officials who work with the family have begun reading a document spanning several hundred pages that details very specific instructions for arrangements, nearly all of which are considered classified. However, they did note that the secret details have been codenamed “Operation Menai Bridge.” It’s named after a large suspension bridge in the United Kingdom. It continues the tradition of naming funeral arrangements for royal family members after bridges. The codename “Operation London Bridge” was used after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

A friend of the family said that the king’s relatives still aren’t giving up hope despite making preparations. They are apparently “throwing everything at it” while remaining positive. However, the source also said the king is “very unwell.” However, he remains determined to beat the illness.

King Charles only assumed the throne less than a year ago. Several friends have reported feeling distraught over the possibility of him losing it so soon. However, preparations remain underway, and those involved have even gone as far as to study what they can learn from Queen Elizabeth’s funeral to improve upon this time.

The cancer diagnosis has been confirmed as the King resumed his duties on April 30th. He appeared well but did not offer details on his progress or the type of cancer he suffered from, although he was treated for an enlarged prostate in February. An official statement noted that it was benign, but it came only a month before he began undergoing cancer treatment.

However, he did meet with several other patients who are also undergoing treatment. He is expected to have more on his schedule in the month of May. He will also serve as patron of Cancer Research UK, a position previously held by Queen Elizabeth II, his mother.

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