Fourth Suspect Charged Over Horrific Murder

Fourth Suspect Charged Over Horrific Murder

( – 26-year-old Andy Foster of Wrekenton, Gateshead, in the UK, was hospitalized after an alleged ammonia attack at his home just after 11 pm on August 20th. According to authorities, assailants knocked on his door and splashed ammonia in his face after he answered. He suffered severe injuries and was taken to the hospital, where he died after two days of treatment.

Three men were previously arrested in the case. A 24-year-old woman was also arrested but was later released after posting bond. Now, an additional suspect, 39-year-old Yousef Wynne, has been charged with the shocking murder of Andy Foster.

Two other men, John Wandless and Kenneth Fawcett, both 32, were arrested in August shortly after the incident. They faced trial via teleconference from prison on August 30th. They appeared in court again on October 2nd. They are expected to go to trial in February.

Fawcett pleaded not guilty during the October 2nd court appearance. Officials have already issued a plea deal, warning him that he could face more jail time if he is found guilty while maintaining his claim of innocence. The February trial is expected to last ten days.

Another man, 21-year-old Josh Craigh Hawthorn, was arrested in October. He was refused bail and remains in custody. Authorities commended the public for their assistance in finding and apprehending the suspects. They are continuing to ask witnesses to come forward. They stressed that the investigation is ongoing. Authorities are also encouraging locals not to jump to conclusions about the case on social media.

Foster’s relatives said they are devastated by his death. They described him as a caring man who was always supportive of his family and those close to him. Natalie More, Foster’s best friend, also said she’s having a hard time coming to terms with his death and called the entire situation a “nightmare.” Flowers have been placed at his doorstep. Otherwise, police said, the entire case could be compromised.

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