Former Rivals Meet to Bury the Hatchet

( – Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and former President and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump met on April 28 in Miami to team up against President Joe Biden in the wake of the 2024 presidential elections. The meeting, which was brokered by some political allies of the two leaders, lasted for hours and ended up with DeSantis promising Trump to help him win the electoral event.

The news about their meeting came as a surprise, as it was the first time that the two conservative leaders had met since DeSantis decided to suspend his presidential campaign back in January. While many political analysts said that the Florida governor was the Republican Party’s best chance to find a candidate who could beat Trump and the MAGA faction, DeSantis failed to meet expectations.

Far from increasing his popularity, DeSantis’ support among Republicans started to get lower every month, with experts arguing that the reason behind the issue was his attempt to become “more Trumpian than Trump.” He even failed to become the second-most popular Republican candidate, as former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley surpassed him. However, she failed to close the gap with Trump and also ended up suspending her presidential campaign.

While DeSantis endorsed Trump after stepping down, he didn’t assist the former president’s campaign and even criticized him in public. Tensions between the two conservative leaders remained, with Trump aide Chris LaCivita mocking DeSantis in public and saying he was a “sad” person.

Political analysts point out that DeSantis’ help could end up being crucial in Trump’s attempts to win the election, as the Florida governor not only has a network of donors but also influence among important anti-Trump Republicans. Many believe that the support of these anti-MAGA conservatives could help the former president gain more support from centrists and undecided voters. Also, DeSantis’ donors would be quite helpful as Trump has been falling behind President Biden in fundraising since the presidential campaign started.

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