Former Rival Calls Off Candidacy, Endorses Trump

Former Rival Calls Off Candidacy, Endorses Trump

( – Conservative businessman Perry Johnson formally endorsed former president Donald Trump on October 23 to become the Republican Party’s nominee for the 2024 presidential election. The Michigan Republican took the step after officially suspending his presidential campaign on October 20.

In a statement, Johnson said he believes that the only candidate in the GOP who can provide a “solution” to the United States’ foreign policy, social crises, and economic problems is Trump. He also called for all Republicans to vote for the former commander-in-chief, stating he’s the only one who can beat President Joe Biden in what would be a rematch of the 2020 presidential election.

In his statement, which was published on his Twitter account, Johnson noted that the United States saw some “historic peace agreements” around the world during the Trump administration. He also said that, during his presidency, the country saw no war, moved away from “corrupt, establishment career politicians,” and even experienced an economic “revival” that improved the lives of many.

The conservative businessman also pointed out that he supported Trump in the last two elections and said he will do it again in the next one, as he thinks this is the best option for the country. Johnson also noted that he looks forward to assisting the former president in all efforts that help him unite conservatives in the United States to defeat the Democratic nominee next year.

After failing to increase his popularity or attract national attention, Johnson suspended his presidential campaign. When announcing this decision, he claimed that while he qualified for the GOP primary debate, the Republican National Committee kept him off the debate stage.

About this issue, he pointed to “corruption” among RNC’s officials and even accused some “corrupt leaders” of using an “authoritarian power” to benefit other Republican presidential candidates.

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