Former NBA Star Walks Back Fiery Attack

Former NBA Star Walks Back Fiery Attack

( – Amar’e Stoudemire, a former American-Israeli NBA star, is walking back the tone with which he admonished the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and some US politicians for their lack of support for Israel.

Stoudemire took to Instagram to denounce the hypocrisy of BLM supporters for either supporting Hamas or remaining silent after the recent surprise attack of Israel. He especially called out the kidnapping of innocent Israelis, calling the Hamas militants taking children hostage “cowardly.”

He also blamed BLM supporters for speaking up for some races but not others: “All you Black Lives Matter people who always have something to say and always support everything else and you’re quiet now?”

Just one day later, Stoudemire removed the video from Instagram, although it is still available on X (formerly known as Twitter). He then released a follow-up video in which he all but apologized for his previous statement.

He said he was “pretty emotional” while recording the fiery attack. He then discussed the beauty of both nations and said that each side will be in his prayers. He also called for a cease-fire.

Stoudemire received Israeli citizenship in 2019. He converted to Judaism the following year.

This isn’t the first time a professional athlete has walked back statements that initially seemed full of conviction. In 2017, Alejandro Villanueva, an Army veteran and then lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers, received accolades for being the only player standing during the national anthem. Despite the outpouring of support, he claimed his actions were a mistake one day later.

As of this writing, the conflict continues to rage in Israel after Hamas launched a surprise and unprecedented attack. Militants launched attacks as Israelis celebrated Simchat Torah, a festival marking the end of Sukkot. Hundreds of Israelis were killed, injured, or kidnapped. Over 20 Americans have also reported to have lost their lives in the event.

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