Former Anti-Trump Celebrity Has a Change of Heart

Former Anti-Trump Celebrity Has a Change of Heart

( – An actor and comedian known for his anti-Trump dialogues recently announced that he’s open to voting for the former president in 2024. Michael Rapaport, host of the “I am Rapaport” podcast, chastised the Biden administration’s “Good Cop, Bad Cop” routine.

Rappaport cited issues such as inflation, interest rates, and anti-semitism as the baseline reasons for his change of heart. He also said that he will not support anyone who doesn’t support Israel.

The comedian has recently criticized the far-left “LGBTQ for Palestine” movement as being rooted in ignorance. Supporters of the movement stand in solidarity with Palestine despite the Islamic nation’s harsh punishments for openly gay people. He accused its supporters of loving terrorists.

Rapaport noted that he doesn’t yet know who he’s voting for, but added that casting a vote for Trump is “on the table.” He joins a growing list of traditionally liberal comedians who have begun speaking against leftist ideologies.

CNN praised Rapaport for his anti-Trump diatribes shortly after he was elected president. The comedian previously referred to him as “the worst New Yorker ever” and accused the former president of representing the older, more corrupt side of New York. Rapaport did praise Trump for his lack of political correctness, but said that it wasn’t enough to make up for lying.

The outspoken actor traveled to Israel recently and documented the aftermath of Palestine’s attack on October 7th. He also raised awareness of the ongoing suffering in that country via social media. He attended “March for Israel” shortly after.

A poll conducted by the New York Times confirms that Americans generally agree with Rapaport on the Biden administration’s response to the Hamas attack against Israel. Over half of Americans (57%) believe Biden is doing a poor job.

Trump continues to lead Biden in national polls as the primary season begins to kick off. However, his lead has narrowed over the past month.

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