First Lady’s Top Aide Accused of Being a #MeToo Nightmare

( – According to a recent report, First Lady Jill Biden’s top aide, Anthony Bernal, has been verbally harassing and even bullying many of his colleagues for over a decade. Despite his alleged acts, Bernal’s position at the White House isn’t threatened because of Jill Biden’s protection. She even considers him her “work husband.”

Three sources who spoke under condition of anonymity told the New York Post that Bernal has repeatedly discussed the size of his privates in the workplace with many of his colleagues. The sources added that the top aide has significant clout in Democratic politics and even White House operations.

The newspaper said that two other sources explained that Bernal used to share a theory that the size of someone’s thumb is the same as their reproductive organ. They added that the 50-year-old top aide used to share the theory with some of his colleagues during his roles in President Joe Biden’s campaign and during his vice presidency under former President Barack Obama. The sources told the Post that the reason why Bernal said these comments was not only to make “people uncomfortable” but also to have influence and “power over them.”

One of the sources told the newspaper that he was among the people to whom Bernal made the comments. The person added that the 50-year-old staffer used to make these types of “crude remarks” over the last “several years” while they were working together, and claimed that the case was “classic Me Too.”

Another source explained that Bernal used to speculate on numerous occasions inside the White House about the endowments of Secret Service agents and other political aides. The person said that Bernal always said plenty of “inappropriate remarks,” talking about people’s attractiveness and even speculating about their performance during sex at “weird moments.” The source added that the top aide, who is openly homosexual, also used to make “inappropriate” questions about other people’s orientations.

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