Fetterman Blasts Harris Over Insinuated Threats

(NationRise.com) – Democrat Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman condemned Vice President Kamala Harris after she appeared to threaten Israel over its proposed advancement towards Hamas stronghold Rafah.

Harris issued a warning against Israel’s advancement during a March 24th interview with Rachel Scott on ABC News. She said the Biden administration has repeatedly told Israel that military actions in Rafah would “be a huge mistake.” She claimed civilians would have no escape and that millions would be caught in crossfire. Harris went on to say that the administration wasn’t ruling out any options if Israel advances anyway.

Fetterman shot back at the potential threat in a post on X. He expressed support for Israel’s right to either eliminate Hamas or bring its militants to justice. He also reminded Harris that the Islamic terrorist group is responsible for every civilian death, not Israel. He also called out Hamas for its “cowardice.”

Fetterman has been unwavering in his support of Israel even after Palestinian supporters protested in front of his private home in January. He sat on his roof and waved an Israeli flag in defiance of the protestors. Conservative attorney and social media personality Jen Wright responded to Fetterman’s tweet, saying that she “misjudged” Fetterman while praising him for standing firm. She also condemned the protestors for demonstrating on private property.

The protest was held shortly after Fetterman condemned the South African government for calling Israel’s war against Hamas a genocide. He reminded Israel that Hamas launched the initial attack and that, ultimately, the Islamic group is responsible for civilian casualties. He told them to “sit this one out.”

Harris faced additional criticism online. Guy Benson of Fox News touched on the atrocities committed by Hamas and accused Harris of wanting to stop Israel from finishing them off. Steve Guest, a Republican commentator, chastised Harris for believing that she actually gave a good answer. Jake Schneider, the research director for Rapid Research, mocked her speaking and cartography skills after the comment.

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