Fellow Republican Destroys MTG

(NationRise.com) – On April 22, North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis blasted Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for her calls to oust House Speaker and Louisiana Republican Representative Mike Johnson. During an interview with CNN, Tillis told host Lauren Fox that Greene wasn’t only a “horrible leader” but also a “waste of time” for the Republican Party and conservatives across America.

About her stance against Johnson, Tillis said he believed that the Georgia representative was an “uninformed” politician who, instead of enhancing the Republican agenda, was making it weaker with her radical actions and declarations. He also told Fox that while some conservatives believe that the Democratic Party is the main obstacle for Republicans in its efforts to become a majority, he believes Greene is the one who could affect the GOP’s goal. When asked why, he said it was because of her political extremism and unwillingness to work with many Republican leaders.

In addition to Tillis, other GOP senators also criticized Greene for her calls to oust Johnson. One of these was North Dakota’s Kevin Kramer, who said on his Twitter account that many conservative leaders needed to understand that Johnson is the best option for the role of house speaker. Another one was Utah Senator and former presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who said that the GOP is tired of politicians who do nothing more than try to increase their Twitter followers by publishing a lot of incendiary tweets.

Greene’s tirade against Johnson came after the Senate passed another foreign aid legislation with a 79-18 vote. This legislation provides more military aid to Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine. Congress fully approved the package, which was formally supported by Johnson, which many saw as a surprise as he had blocked previous efforts to pass similar bills.

Following the vote, Greene wrote on her Twitter account that the house speaker had “betrayed” conservative voters and had to resign as soon as possible. She also warned that she and other Republicans would file a motion to vacate if he refuses to step aside.

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