FBI Reaches Massive Settlement With Whistleblower

(NationRise.com) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reached a settlement on June 4 with whistleblower Marcus Allen after watchdog group Empower Oversight filed an appeal on his behalf back on October 23. The FBI revoked the whistleblower’s clearance and suspended him without payment after he made some protected disclosures about FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony regarding the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.

The settlement between Allen and the bureau includes the repayment of money and benefits that the agency withheld from him for 27 months since his suspension in February 2022. The FBI also committed to officially restoring the whistleblower’s security clearance.

Allen resigned voluntarily from the agency on June 3 and claimed that the FBI took those actions against him as retaliation. The watchdog group also said in its press release that the FBI granted Allens’ appeal before the final report of the Office of Inspector General, which would likely have supported the whistleblower’s retaliation claims.

On his Twitter account, House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan said that the bureau’s decision to restore the whistleblower’s security clearance was a “vindication” for an American “patriot.” He also praised Allen for what he did and said he “stood up” with bravery and exposed “misconduct” at the agency. Jordan added that the bravest aspect of Allen’s act was that he did it even when many House Democrats attacked him and some “FBI bureaucrats” threatened him.

In a statement, the whistleblower said accountability was necessary to set a precedent and prevent the same situation from happening to other whistleblowers. He also explained that while he feels vindicated for getting his security clearance at the FBI restored, he feels “sad” that the bureau lied about his patriotism, even when he proved his loyalty to the United States by fighting as a Marine. Allen added that those who feel the necessity to do what he did shouldn’t suffer the same consequences.

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