FBI Issues Dire Warning of Potential Coordinated Terrorist Attack

(NationRise.com) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning Americans of a dire coordinated attack that could follow last month’s terrorist strike in Moscow.

Christopher Wray, the current FBI director, told a House panel that he’s never seen so many elevated threats occur simultaneously in his decades of law enforcement experience. He cited a “rogue’s gallery of foreign terrorist organizations” that are calling for supporters to attack the United States and its allies. He also told lawmakers on April 11th that his agency needs more funding to adequately protect the country.

Wray drew parallels between predictions made by the FBI and a terrorist attack that claimed over 60 lives at a concert hall in Moscow last month. Gunmen used automatic weapons, which Russians are forbidden from owning, to launch a surprise attack as a rock group played on stage. Islamic terror groups claimed responsibility for the attack.

Wray isn’t alone in his concerns. A growing number of American officials have expressed concerns about the elevated risk of domestic terror attacks since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began in October 2023. However, the FBI is warning of the strong possibility of coordinated attacks involving multiple players and mass casualties.

He also pressed lawmakers to renew a massive surveillance program that is currently scheduled to expire in December. The law has been largely opposed by Republicans over privacy and government overreach concerns. Wray claimed growing threats from both Islamic extremists and the Chinese government warrant an extension of the sweeping surveillance law.

There has also been a bipartisan effort spearheaded by President Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson to end warrant requirements for FBI surveillance. Lawmakers on both sides have ignored the likely Fourth Amendment violation. Johnson’s vote served as the tiebreaker that killed the mandate for warrants, giving the FBI unprecedented powers to spy on the American people.

However, the administration remains lax on border security as border patrol agents continue to get overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants, many of whom are suspected terrorists. Mexican police also detained two Iranian men who were attempting to cross into the US illegally in December 2023.

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