Experts War North Korea is Preparing to Start a War

Experts War North Korea is Preparing to Start a War

( – Intelligence experts issued a dire warning over North Korea’s preparations to start a new war in a report released on January 11th.

The report was released by 38 North, an intelligence organization that specializes in North Korea. It operates as a branch of the Stimson Center, a large think tank. They also noted that the Korean Peninsula is less stable than it has been in the decades that have followed the Korean War.

Their conclusion was drawn from several observations. They noted that relations between the two Korean countries continue to dwindle, and more rapidly in recent months. Leader Kim Jong Un has openly announced that his nation will no longer try to reconcile with the South. He continues to blame their rivals and the United States for increased tensions. The North has also suspended several international agreements.

Both Korean nations have also launched spy satellites. The North said that its satellite will be used to watch the US and its southern neighbor.

North Korea has also increased production of nuclear armaments and ballistic missiles. That includes a solid-fuel hypersonic missile, which was successfully tested on January 14th. The nation’s government-owned media claimed the missile boasts an intermediate range and covered 621 miles during its initial test.

The traditionally isolated nation is also improving relations with Russia and China. Officials across the world have expressed concern over military collaborations stemming from those partnerships. US officials have confirmed that North Korea provided Russia with missiles to launch against Ukraine.

The analysts also warned against giving too much credit to the current deterrence strategy taken against North Korea. US officials believe it works, but 38 North thinks the policy is unsustainable in the long term.

The announcement also comes as growing global aggression has stretched US forces thinly across the world. The United States is currently involved with significant operations in Ukraine, Israel, and the Philippines. A response in the Korean Peninsula could prove even more detrimental for US forces.

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