Epstein’s Brother Claims Feds Are Hiding Evidence

Epstein's Brother Claims Feds Are Hiding Evidence

(NationRise.com) – Mark Epstein, brother of high-profile pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, claims federal officials are hiding evidence about his death. Jeffrey Epstein died while incarcerated on August 10, 2019. His death was ruled a suicide, but many believe he was secretly murdered to protect several high-profile associates. They include celebrities and politicians.

He was known to traffic children to his private island, where they were exploited by Epstein and several of his associates. Documents recently released online reveal the names of several high-profile people who visited his island. Some, including former president Bill Clinton, were already alleged to have spent time there.

Claims surrounding the nature of Epstein’s death have been fueled by a series of mishaps surrounding his incarceration. Surveillance cameras stopped working during the time he died. The prison guards were discovered to have been sleeping, and officials ignored a psychologist’s recommendation that Epstein be given a cellmate.

However, Mark Epstein believes there is more evidence pointing to a murder. He initially accused officials of a cover-up just a few months after his brother’s death. According to Mark Epstein, the investigation ended immediately after the death was ruled a suicide. He was also denied hospital reports and access to the 911 call despite being a blood relative.

Mark Epstein later hired a medical examiner named Dr. Michael Baden to oversee his brother’s autopsy. It was ruled as “pending” and noted that more investigation was needed. However, it was overruled by New York City’s Chief Medical Examiner the following week. Barbara Samson claimed she reviewed additional evidence but refused to elaborate.

Baden said that injuries on Epstein’s neck were consistent with an attack, not a suicide. He also noted that he has never seen those specific breaks in a suicide victim over his 50-year career. Baden then raised suspicion over the lack of photos taken of the body at the scene.

Officials do not believe Mark Epstein participated in his brother’s exploitation of children. He has not been charged with any crimes linked to his brother. He also told Tucker Carlson that the two would go years without seeing each other.

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