Donald Trump Gets Another Peace Prize Nomination

Donald Trump Gets Another Peace Prize Nomination

( – Former president Donald Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize on January 30, after a GOP congresswoman cited the Abraham Accords he helped sign while in office. In a statement sent to Fox News, New York Representative Claudia Tenney said that the former commander-in-chief was crucial in brokering the treaty between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel in September 2020.

She pointed out the treaty’s main goal was to normalize the relationship between these three countries to tackle tensions in the Middle East between the Jewish state and many Arab nations. A couple of months after the signing, Sudan and Morocco followed suit in signing similar accords, which many political analysts said at the time was a historic moment in the region.

In the statement, Tenney added that many foreign policy bureaucrats have been saying for decades that peace agreements in the Middle East were impossible if there wasn’t any resolution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. She said that Trump “proved that to be false.” She noted that while the peace agreement between the governments of Israel and Egypt in 1976, along with the 1994 Oslo Accords, were recognized with Nobel Peace Prizes, Trump’s role in the Abraham Accords hadn’t been acknowledged.

Over the last few years, the former president has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on three occasions. The first one took place in September 2020, when Norwegian parliamentary Christian Tybting-Gjedde nominated him for the prestigious prize for the way he helped sign the accords.

A month later, European Parliament member Laura Huhtasaari nominated him for the 2021 prize as a way of recognizing his efforts to end an era of “endless wars,” as well as constructing peace and underpin stability and cohesion in the US. Trump received the third nomination from a group of Australian congressmen in September 2020 for his efforts to reach peace in the Middle East.

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