DOJ Seemingly Confirms Whistleblower Claims Against Fani Willis

( – The Department of Justice recently announced the discovery of “inconsistencies” in the spending of federal grant money by Fani Willis, the Fulton County, GA, prosecutor who filed election subversion charges against Former President Donald Trump.

The DOJ’s announcement comes less than a week after Willis demanded that a court reject a request from Trump’s legal team to have her dismissed from the case. His lawyers have accused Willis of bias and misconduct, especially after she was found to have had an extramarital affair with an attorney she hired on the case.

A large portion of the $488,000 under investigation by the DOJ was allegedly spent on lavish dates between the two. Amanda Timpson, an employee who worked for Willis, initially raised concerns about the potential improper spending of the federal grants. Timpson was fired in defiance of laws written to protect whistleblowers. She specifically informed authorities of Willis misusing funds that were intended to pay for an initiative to stop young gangs. Timpson also said the money was used to buy unnecessary MacBooks, travel, and “swag.”

Timpson has since filed a complaint and lawsuit against Willis. She told Timpson that she respected her assessment and even admitted that it may not have been wrong. She was then escorted out of the building by seven armed officers.

The DOJ confirmed that the federal grants were supposed to cover programs to help empower youth while preventing gangs in the city of Atlanta. The center still hadn’t opened after the grants expired in September 2023. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), who serves as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, launched an investigation into the potential misuse of grant money in February. The Justice Department has since announced the inconsistencies without offering additional details.

Willis initially responded to a subpoena Jordan issued by submitting “a narrow set of documents” that were completely unrelated to Timpson’s case. Jordan then threatened to hold her in contempt of Congress. She claimed his request was “unreasonable and uncustomary.”

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