DNC Hit With Cease and Desist Letter

DNC Hit With Cease and Desist Letter

(NationRise.com) – New Hampshire’s Republican Attorney General, John Formella, sent a cease-and-desist order on January 8th to representatives of the Democratic National Committee telling them to stop claiming its primary elections are “meaningless.”

The order calls the claims a violation of the state’s laws against voter suppression. The letter was sent to James Roosevelt Jr. and Minyon Moore, both of whom serve as co-chairs of the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC). The letter also informed them that it is the DNC’s decision not to send delegates to their convention after the state’s primary results have been released, so calling the election “meaningless” is inaccurate.

The order was issued after the New Hampshire Democratic Party told its supporters to “educate” residents in claiming that the event is rendered meaningless over its non-binding preference. This, according to the letter, serves as an attempt to dissuade or hinder some of the state’s residents from voting in the primary election.

The Democrat party altered its scheduled 2024 nominations and told its supporters in South Carolina to visit the polls on February 3rd. That means voting ahead of other states’ primary elections. That means New Hampshire loses its decades-old title of hosting the first primaries in the nation.

The party decided to adopt the plan after it claimed New Hampshire and Iowa were not properly adhering to diversity standards. Both states are often the first to host primary elections and are considered to be highly influential in the entire presidential election. President Biden endorsed the decision. The primary is scheduled for January 23rd.

The state and party have been at odds ever since the DNC changed its calendar. New Hampshire’s government defied its efforts by maintaining its original primary date so that it could remain the nation’s first. State law requires the primaries to be held at least one week before other comparable elections.

New Hampshire’s primaries will include 24 Republican candidates and 21 Democrats. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden lead their respective polls in the state.

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