Democratic Fundraiser Rejects Biden, Donates to Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump is garnering support from an unusual source: the far-left technocrats of Silicon Valley.

Jacob Helberg, a tech adviser in the “tech capital of the world,” recently shifted his habit of heavily funding Democratic candidates. Instead, he is joining other traditionally left-leaning tech leaders in funding Trump’s campaign with an initial donation of $1 million.

That donation quickly propelled him to the top of the ranks of Trump’s biggest donors. It came just four years after Helberg funded the failed campaign to get Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s current Transportation Secretary, elected as president. He also promoted Buttigieg among his sizable online audience.

The surprising donation also came after Helberg supported Biden’s recent efforts to ban TikTok domestically (he also supported a similar proposal during Trump’s presidency). However, Helberg said recent significant issues, including an intense tech race with China and the pandemic, ultimately drove him to switch parties. He also cited the left’s increasing hostilities against Israel as a significant factor in his decision.

Helberg spent time with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate earlier in May. They discussed a variety of issues related to tech, including burdensome regulations on AI that could give hostile countries a technological advantage. He also met with several possible picks for vice president. Helberg said that while he agrees with Trump on several issues, dealing with China was the most important.

The much-needed funds come as good news for Trump. His campaign has struggled, as an ongoing court trial in New York City severely limits his ability to host events, meet with potential donors, and raise money. And while Helberg’s cohort of big tech leaders remains relatively small, their influence is vast.

Helberg is just the latest donor to join a gradual trend of traditional Democrat donors turning towards Trump ahead of the 2024 elections. Biden’s recent decision to withhold support from Israel has helped propel the shift. Many now acknowledge that the potential for a second Biden term is the greatest threat currently facing the United States.

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