DA in Hot Water as New Information On Messy Love Triangle Revealed

DA in Hot Water as New Information On Messy Love Triangle Revealed

(NationRise.com) – Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County, GA, may have sabotaged her high-profile case against Donald Trump after appointing her married fling as the lawsuit’s lead special prosecutor.

Willis had been dating 51-year-old Nathan Wade, a personal injury attorney, who was already married before taking on the case against Trump. Wade has never worked in a felony trial with a high-profile suspect, yet was offered a much larger salary than his colleagues with more relevant experience.

The lucrative salary was revealed after Wade’s separated wife gave financial records to her lawyers. Those documents were eventually released to the media and served as evidence of the nepotism between Willis and Wade. Fulton County’s Board of Commissioners is now investigating whether taxpayer money was misused in Wade’s appointment.

The court filing by Michael Roman, who worked with Trump’s campaign in 2020, says the incident is sufficient to disqualify Willis in the ongoing case. He also claimed that Wade covered luxurious vacations for Willis with money that he was paid in the case.

Willis also convened the jury that indicted Roman on seven counts of felony racketeering charges in the state of Georgia. He’s asking prosecutors to drop the charges against him in light of the scandal.

The case could have been a career-defining moment for Willis. She claimed during a speech at a local church on January 14th that the accusations are only coming against her and Wade because of her skin color (they are both African-American). She said the lack of allegations against the rest of the prosecution team – both of whom are white – supports her argument.

Roman fired back by noting the fact that the other members are not involved in an extra-marital affair during an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Willis said that she will file an official response. Scott McAfee, Fulton County’s Superior Court Judge, announced that he will conduct a hearing on the matter after Willis files her response.

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