Criminal Conspiracy Unmasked After Underworld Boss Arrested

Criminal Conspiracy Unmasked After Underworld Boss Arrested

( – US prosecutors said on January 8 that one of the leading businessmen in Honolulu was heading a sprawling criminal conspiracy. They added that accused racketeering boss Michael Miske Jr. ordered his minions to torture and kill his son’s best friend and funneled drug money through shell businesses.

According to different reports, nearly 1,000 witnesses and some co-defendants who struck deals with authorities for testifying will take the stand in Hawaii. Charges have already been leveled against Miske, including cocaine distribution, use of a chemical weapon, bank fraud, racketeering, assault, kidnapping, and murder. Some media outlets even said that potential jurors have said they’re concerned about their safety.

The 48-year-old kingpin was accused of planning a criminal operation that authorities referred to as the “Miske Enterprise.” He was arrested in 2020 after the kidnapping and murder of Jonathan Fraser, who was the best friend of his late son Caleb Miske. Authorities claimed that the kingpin did it in revenge, as he always blamed Fraser for the death of his son in a high-speed car accident that the two friends suffered in November 2015. While both of them ended up with severe injuries, Caleb Miske died a couple of days later. A police report revealed that Miske’s son was the one driving the car.

In July 2016, Fraser’s girlfriend told the Honolulu Police Department that he was missing. As authorities started to investigate him as the main suspect, his web of criminal activities came into focus, with law enforcement agents raiding his home in July 2020.

Authorities found that his Termite & Pest Control company was the headquarters for his nefarious empire, whose main “work” was violence, fraud, and drug trafficking. While Miske is currently facing murder charges in relation to Fraser’s disappearance, the 21-year-old man’s body was never found.

However, a man named James Borling-Salas, who was part of the enterprise, confessed to the FBI that he’d seen Fraser in his final hours as he was there when members of the organization tortured him to death. He also said everything was recorded on video.

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