Couple Slain Alongside Their Dog in National Park

Couple Slain Alongside Their Dog in National Park

( – A couple and their dog were recently killed by a grizzly bear in the Canadian Banff National Park. According to Fox News, the situation forced officials in the park to immediately “euthanize” the bear after it displayed very “aggressive behavior.”

In a statement, the park said that staffers from Parks Canada received a red alert on the night of September 30 from a GPS. The device notified authorities of a bear attack around the Red Deer River Valley area, located in the western zone of the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch.

The park also noted that, after receiving this notification, staffers of Parks Canada mobilized a response team to the area. The park pointed out that members of this department are “specially trained” to operate in multiple types of wildlife encounters, specifically animal attacks. It also noted that the team was unable to use helicopters because of weather conditions, which forced them to travel to the location where the incident was reported by ground.

The Canadian National Park also stated that the team arrived at the site at 1 a.m. and immediately found two dead bodies. The response team found the grizzly bear a couple of minutes later, and had to euthanize the animal to “ensure public safety.”

According to different reports, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived at the location a couple of hours later and transported the bodies to the town of Sundre. Founder of the Bear Safety and More organization, Kim Titchener, said that the dog and the couple were all Canadians. She also pointed out that nearly 60 grizzly bears are roaming in the Banff National Park. Despite the incident, Titchener said that the authorities need to make efforts to protect these bears, as their existence in the province is currently being “threatened.”

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