Couple Arrested After 8 Years for Slaughtering Family

Couple Arrested After 8 Years for Slaughtering Family

( – According to a Fox News December 27 report, a wife-and-husband duo were accused of killing four family members in 2015 in South Carolina. Following the massacre, they made some pointed and emotional comments at the alleged “killer.” The bodies of Barbara Scott, Mike Scott, Violet Taylor, and Cathy Taylor Scott were found dead in their house in Pendleton.

A couple of days after the murders, which took place during Halloween, Amy Vilardi told media outlet WYFF-TV that she couldn’t believe that the person who committed such an “atrocious act” could somehow live with themselves. She also thanked the community for providing “so much support.”

On December 15, 2023, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office announced in a Facebook post that she and her husband, Rosmore Vilardi, were arrested and charged with homicides. It added that the crime committed was “horrendous” and noted it “rocked” the entire community “to its core.” Cathy Scott was the mother of Amy, while Violet was her grandmother. Mike Scott was the son of Barbara and the husband of Cathy.

According to a USA Today report, while Amy Vilardi called police after allegedly finding her family killed, each with gunshot wounds, officers said that each of the victims was dead for hours or even days. During a press conference, Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride said that while the couple maintained their innocence over the last few years, police started to investigate them.

When asked about which piece of evidence allowed investigators to connect the couple to the multiple homicides, McBride refused to provide any detail. He explained that “some things” need to be preserved until the “day in court,” and pointed out that anything he could say about that question could eventually be used by the couple “against us.”

Despite these comments, the sheriff said that the couple’s arrest was the “correct” step. He also said that he and many officers have been “praying” for “this day” to come.

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