Councilman Resigns Following Federal Charges

Councilman Resigns Following Federal Charges

( – Sacramento’s District 2 Councilman, Sean Loloee, was indicted by a federal grand jury in December. On January 4, he announced his resignation in a video released on YouTube.

In the six-minute footage, Loloee blasted Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and even said it wasn’t fair that he used his current legal issues “as a distraction.” Loloee added that he decided to step down as a councilman because the mayor created a “politically motivated” circus against him so he could “cover up” his numerous “shortcomings.”

Following his resignation, Steinberg said during a press conference that Loloee’s move was the best for the city and noted he wishes him the best because he knows he’s currently under a “lot of pressure.” About Loloee’s comments against him, Steinberg told reporters he has nothing to say about it as he has been in “this business” for a long time. The mayor added that he stands by what he has said about the councilman in the past and pointed out he only cares for the city. When asked how he knew about Loloee’s resignation, Steinberg said he learned about it by watching the video on YouTube.

The councilman became the main subject of a federal criminal probe over business dealings after different reports noted that federal agents raided one of Loloee’s Viva Supermarkets. In the indictment, the councilman and Karla Montoya were charged with the use and possession of false immigration records, obstruction of agency proceedings, and conspiracy. Loloee was also accused of a pandemic relief fraud scheme and falsification of documents.

When asked what the next steps would be to fill the councilman’s vacant seat, Steinberg told reporters there’s currently a multi-candidate race to replace him. The mayor explained that if a candidate gets the majority of the votes and doesn’t need a runoff, he or she won’t start their new term until December. He added that if this scenario takes place and a candidate “clearly wins,” he would suggest to his colleagues to choose that person as soon as possible.

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