Controversial ‘Squad’ Member Down By Double Digits

( – According to a New York Post April 4 survey, New York Democratic Representative Jamaal Bowman might lose his primary race as he’s currently down double digits. The congressman, who is a radical leftist and part of the so-called “Squad” in Congress, will battle against primary challenger George Latimer, who is a Westchester County Executive.

The Post poll shows Bowman is currently behind Latimer by 17 points, which some political analysts believe is such a significant difference that it will be almost impossible for the radical leftist to win the election. The poll added that 52 percent of Democrats would vote for the Westchester County Executive in the primary’s 16th Congressional District race.

Among liberals who voted in three of the last four primary elections, Latimer has 56 percent of support while Bowman only has 35 percent. Meanwhile, the survey added that among liberals who say they knew both Bowman and Latimer, 60 percent support the Westchester County Executive, while 34 percent support the New York representative.

According to some reports, the political differences between the two candidates can be seen not only in their policies but also in the political leaders and organizations that support them. Latimer is currently backed by New York Senator Shelley Mayer, the Democratic Majority for Israel SuperPAC, America’s Jewish Democratic Council, and the America Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Meanwhile, Bowman is backed by Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, Montana Democratic Representative Cori Bush, Michigan Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib, and New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Each of these politicians is not only a fellow “Squad” member but also a prominent member of the anti-Israel faction inside the Democratic Party. Bowman has also expressed controversial anti-Israel remarks, like when he said that claims of rapes committed by Hamas were nothing more than Jewish propaganda.

Back in October 2023, he was found guilty of falsely pulling a fire alarm in a Congress office building when his colleagues were about to vote.

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