Colossal Failure: Dylan Mulvaney Sees Another Catastrophic Loss

Colossal Failure: Dylan Mulvaney Sees Another Catastrophic Loss

( – Dylan Mulvaney, the infamous transgender influencer who single-handedly destroyed the Budweiser brand, has endured yet another embarrassment — this time on a liberal college campus.

Mulvaney decided to offer his services as a public speaker on college campuses earlier this year. He initially charged $26,250 to speak at the University of Pittsburgh. He has since nearly doubled his standard fee to $40,000.

Mulvaney promotes his services and speaking events to millions of followers on various social media platforms, most of whom are teens and young adults.

Penn State officials were likely surprised when his December 5th speech only filled the first few rows of an auditorium designed for 1,000 attendees. Some have estimated that the actual audience was, conservatively, around 100 attendees for the $40,000 fee. There is no mention of the speech on Penn State’s official X account.

The lackluster response to Mulvaney’s media appearances came during a year of public pushback against gender identity and dysphoria ideology. Retail giant Target admitted earlier this year that its attempts to push the ideology on children resulted in substantial losses. Walmart faced similar backlash shortly after.

Several state governments have also taken measures to counter trans ideology. Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill prohibiting schools from teaching gender identity in April 2023. The state of Georgia passed a bill banning transgender treatments for minors a month after.

Mulvaney and other trans influencers have seen their popularity diminish in 2023. His fame has primarily been attributed to online algorithms that have allegedly been intentionally altered in his favor. Some conservative commentators, including Matt Walsh, have also been criticized of doing more to help Mulvaney grow his audience with their coverage of his antics.

He has also lost sponsorships since the Budweiser backlash despite being crowned a Forbes 30 under 30 figure. Rose Montoya, another trans influencer, said he has lost sponsorships as well. Both typically receive several offers ahead of June but reported a dip in 2023.

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