Clinton Email Scandal Eclipsed By Biden’s 80,000+ Just Revealed Messages

Clinton Email Scandal Eclipsed By 80,000+ Pages of Potential Biden Evidence

( – A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by the Southeastern Legal Foundation non-profit group just revealed a treasure trove of emails from President Joe Biden that seemingly eclipse the Clinton email scandal. On Monday, the National Archives admitted that it had uncovered 82,000 pages of potentially government-related emails sent from private accounts owned by President Joe Biden.

The emails not only suggest that the Democrats have a big problem with elected officials but also provide new evidence for House Republicans currently overseeing the Biden impeachment inquiry.

Only hours after the admission came from the National Archives, Rep. Scott Perry, a member of the House Oversight Committee that is overseeing the inquiry, said that the new evidence will be taken into account.

“We’re duty bound to make sure that everybody’s following the law here,” Perry said, adding that the revelation suggests it is “questionable” that the president followed the law when sending emails about government business from private email accounts.

The emails allegedly stem from pseudonym accounts Biden utilized, the same as those that have already been under scrutiny from his time as Vice President under Obama. The FOIA revelation has led many to claim the new scandal is set to eclipse that of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Accusations still circle of Clinton destroying evidence to hide her emails, including deleting messages, pouring bleach on servers, and having the phones that once contained them smashed with a hammer. This has led some, such as Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), to joke that Biden needs to be kept away from hammers and bleach.

The news comes amid mounting evidence against the sitting President, including testimony from Devon Archer, the former business partner of Hunter Biden. Archer claimed that President Joe Biden spoke with associates of his son at least 20 times over the telephone and that Hunter’s lucrative job at Burisma was only given to him because of his family’s “brand.” Other evidence includes a confidential FBI file that was uncovered by House Republicans earlier this year that claimed a $10 million bribe was paid to Joe Biden by Burisma Holdings owner Mykola Zlochevsky.

At this stage, it’s unclear, as the content of the emails – or who Biden was corresponding with – remains unknown. However, the non-profit group that filed the lawsuit seems to be preparing to find out what’s in them.

Kimberly Hermann, an attorney for the Southeastern Legal Foundation, told the New York Post that the revelation is “shocking” and that the American public “has a right to know what is in those emails.”

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