Candace Owens and Megyn Kelly Wage War of Words Over Anti-Israel Protests

Candace Owens and Megyn Kelly Wage War of Words Over Anti-Israel Protests

( – Conservative activist Candace Owens and journalist Megyn Kelly clashed on October 15 in what became a rather heated argument. The tense showdown erupted over whether companies should blacklist college students who support Hamas or have been part of anti-Israel protests in the country. The feud between the two public figures started after presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy stated on his Twitter account that it wasn’t productive for companies and law firms to blacklist these “kids.”

He also said that while he believes the Harvard students were wrong in co-signing an “anti-Israel letter,” he claims that they did it only because they were “fools.” Expressing her disagreement with Ramaswamy’s stance, Kelly replied by saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

From that moment, a back-and-forth war of words started between Ramaswamy and Kelly, with the Republican leader saying he disagrees with “cancel culture” in all forms, and the journalist responding that it was good to know his stance on this matter. The final message in this feud was sent by Kelly, who claimed that no American company or law firm should hire people who “applaud” the acts of a terrorist organization like Hamas.

After that, Owens told Kelly on Twitter that her stance was “disingenuous” because she claimed everyone knows that college students are “stupid.” She also explained that those protesting against Israel aren’t doing it because they “want babies to be murdered” but because they are just ignorant and follow the wrong ideas. The Daily Wire commentator even put herself as an example, as she said she used to be “radically pro-choice” when she was a student, but changed her stance as time went on.

Kelly fired back by saying that being a liberal wasn’t the same as being part of a demonstration that cheers terrorists and “murdered babies.” Following that message, Owens told the journalist that these students were simply “misguided” and challenged Kelly to have them on her show. She pointed out she wanted to see Kelly’s “reeducation of them.”

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