Border Patrol Guns Down Bandit

( – According to a Fox News March 3 report, US Border Patrol agents gunned down a thief who was stealing from illegal immigrants while they were crossing the US-Mexico border into California. The conservative network explained that an agent from the Border Patrol’s tactical unit killed the male criminal, who was crossing into the San Diego sector during morning hours.

Some reports have revealed that bandits in that area have been crossing into a remote location in the United States, taking advantage of the flow of illegal immigrants to steal from them and sometimes even kill them. Many media outlets have said that the situation has been problematic for US authorities as these criminals usually escape to Mexico after committing their crimes. Fox News has reported that surveillance technology from the US Border Patrol has captured numerous photos of those robberies over the last few months.

The conservative network said that Border Patrol agents received a report of “bandit activity” on March 3. Once they arrived at the scene, the agents discovered a group of criminals stealing from illegal aliens who were walking to a location where they were going to surrender so US officials could properly process them.

While the Border Patrol agents shot and killed one of the thieves, the rest managed to escape to Mexico. While some social media users claimed that the thugs attacked the agents, with some of them allegedly suffering severe wounds, the agency said that no agent was injured or killed during the incident.

Meanwhile, the US Customs and Border Protection said it noted a record number of agents encountering illegal aliens last fiscal year. Some media outlets said that current data and estimations seem to suggest that this fiscal year will record more encounters at the southern border.

Since 2021, the United States has been experiencing a border crisis that many blame on the Biden administration. Polls show that is one of the main reasons why most Americans say they will support former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

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