Bill Barr Announces Support for Trump in Potential 2024 Rematch

( – In a surprising turn of events, Bill Barr, the former United States attorney general under presidents George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump, has declared his endorsement for Trump’s potential presidential run in 2024.

Barr turned against Trump after serving in his administration over the controversies surrounding the 2020 elections and the aftermath on January 6th, 2021. He even said that Trump’s reelection in 2024 would result in a “horror show” while claiming that he would “deliver chaos.” He also accused the former president of lacking discipline and strategic thinking despite Trump’s many successful business ventures.

Trump later railed against Barr, claiming he was a coward and accusing him of refusing to work. According to Trump, that’s why Barr was eventually fired from his position. He also said Barr’s alleged cowardice stemmed from fears of being impeached.

However, Barr is now changing his tune while admitting that America’s real threat now stems from the far left. He acknowledged their aspirations to implement a completely socialist system in the US that would cancel anyone who speaks against it. Meanwhile, he also acknowledged that Trump will not turn into “some right-wing dictator” if elected.

Barr also noted that he didn’t actually oppose Trump’s policies while working with his administration. However, he also acknowledged that he “doesn’t like” the presidential nominees in 2024 but will support the one he believes is less destructive to our nation’s interests. He still finds Trump’s behavior “problematic.”

Barr first hinted that he might still vote for Trump during an interview with CNN in 2023. He said Biden is simply unfit to serve because he essentially gave the country to far-left extremists. He also said there were “red flags” in the ethics espoused by Biden.

Barr isn’t alone. Both Republicans and Democrats have heavily criticized the Biden administration for its open-border policies. A majority of Americans also believe Biden’s mental fitness has decayed too severely for him to continue serving effectively. Additionally, his presidency has been rocked by a number of business scandals between Biden and his son, Hunter.

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