Big Democratic Supporter Defects to Support Trump

( – Another prominent Democrat has publicly announced her support for former president Donald Trump.

Allison Huynh, who worked with the leaders of massive tech firms in Silicon Valley to raise funds for Obama’s presidential candidacy in 2008. She was previously so adamant about supporting the far-left that she paid over $1 million for Shepard Fairey’s pervasive Obama “Hope” painting.

However, she more recently accused President Joe Biden of being “out of touch” and “asleep at the wheel.” By contrast, she credited Trump with having “his finger on the pulse of the nation.” She even went as far as saying that she would like to become friends with Trump. Huynh also officially changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.

Her strong support for Trump was recently marked by her recent visit to a fundraiser in Florida. She said she now wants to get rid of the famous Obama painting and “hang out” with Trump. She credited him for being tough on crime and illegal immigration, good for business, and a champion for education.

Huynh is also a prominent figure in Big Tech. She co-founded Willow Garage, a tech business that built AI and robotics technologies. Her firm quickly attracted the attention of Google, which became their biggest customer. However, she more recently cited San Francisco as a failure of “super leftist” policies.

She isn’t the only prominent Democrat who has recently announced support for Trump. Comedian Michael Rapaport, known for his far-left material, said he “might” vote for Trump after the left’s anti-Zionist reaction to the October 2023 surprise attack against Israel by Hamas. Rapper Snoop Dogg also expressed his “love and support” for Trump after slandering him numerous times over the years.

Polls also show that Biden is losing support among young and minority voters, groups that are typically strongholds for the Democrat party. He has been falling behind in swing states as well, including some that he won in 2020.

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