Biden’s Past Comes Back to Bite Him as Soldiers Die in Drone Strike

Biden's Past Comes Back to Bite Him as Soldiers Die in Drone Strike

( – President Joe Biden is facing a situation worse than one he criticized former President Donald Trump for after an attack in Jordan killed three US soldiers while injuring dozens of others.

Biden slammed Trump during the 2020 campaign season after an Iranian attack severely injured US soldiers in Iraq during his presidency. He also suggested that Trump downplayed their injuries before attempting to mock Trump by referring to the injuries as “headaches.”

However, dozens more have been injured between Biden taking office and Christmas 2023. That includes 19 soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injury and one soldier who was critically injured. The total number of injuries under Biden’s presidency was already at 66 by the end of 2023.

Now, his administration’s reputation is reeling after a January 28th attack left three soldiers dead and dozens more wounded. The three soldiers, all of whom were originally from the state of Georgia, died when a drone struck their base at the border between Syria and Jordan.

Their deaths mark the American military’s first casualties related to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Officials believe the attack was orchestrated by a terrorist group with funding from Iran.

The single attack originally referenced by Biden left dozens of troops with similar injuries but no deaths. Trump blamed the more recent incident on the Biden administration’s weak leadership, comparing it to surrendering. He also expressed his condolences to the families and friends grieving their losses.

This isn’t the first time the Biden administration has faced backlash for its policies in the Middle East. Americans were outraged when the sudden withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan meant leaving billions of dollars of military munitions and vehicles behind, all of which were quickly seized by the Taliban. Militants with the Islamic group posted online pictures of the vehicles they took. Many of the vehicles had been intentionally damaged during the withdrawal, but the Taliban was able to repair most of them.

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