Biden’s Own Words Come Back to Haunt Him

( – President Joe Biden is facing criticism after a 2020 Tweet resurfaced in which he blamed then-President Donald Trump for violent protests. The backlash comes as a new round of extreme protesting has rocked college campuses across the nation under his administration.

New York City’s Columbia University is the latest college campus to be seized by protestors supporting the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. They are admonishing the US government for supporting Israel after Hamas launched a surprise attack against the Jewish state in October 2023. Demonstrators-turned-rioters broke windows and barricaded themselves in a building during the latest assault against Columbia University.

Stephen Miller, a Republican commentator, noted on X (formerly Twitter) how Jewish students are being blocked from attending classes and forced to use remote learning in the Biden administration’s third year.

Lisa Booth, a contributor at Fox News, agreed while blaming Biden for showing more concern about earning votes in Dearborn, MI, than college students praising intifada. She was referring to Dearborn’s vast Islamic population.

Another user accused Biden of hypocrisy while noting the irony between the media’s focus on the January 6th riot and the lack of focus on the far-left insurgency that took place across the nation in 2020. Ari Fleischer, who also works as a Fox News contributor, suggested that Biden be more mindful of his own tweets before using the platform to condemn others. He also said the president has lacked leadership as antisemitic riots continue spreading across the US.

The fallout is having an impact on voter perception. Polling shows that Americans feel the country is more vulnerable under the Biden administration than it was during Donald Trump’s presidency. Republican strategist David Avella noted Americans haven’t been this anxious about crime since 1993 when Democrat Bill Clinton was president.

Ironically, several conservatives have discovered other jarring posts, including one sent by Biden in 2020 in which he asked supporters, “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” Data shows that crime has increased since Biden took office. International tensions also continue to rise.

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