Biden’s Gaza Aid Pier Has Already Fallen Apart

( – The Biden administration announced on May 28 that the $320 million pier to Gaza had fallen apart and will be completely dismantled for a couple of weeks until it’s fully repaired. The situation represents a significant hit for U.S. President Joe Biden, who promised in his State of the Union to build the floating pier with taxpayers’ money to help Palestinians in Gaza.

During a press conference in Washington, DC, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said that four American boats that were attached to the pier’s “motorized sections” broke free and washed ashore because of a loss of power. When asked why it happened, she said that the reasons were the “weather system” in North Africa and the high seas. Singh added that while one of the boats was already recovered near the city of Ashkelon, the remaining three are expected to be recovered next week.

She also told reporters that, given the situation, the pier had to be dismantled and was already hauled to Ashdod so it could be repaired and eventually reinstalled. Singh repeated that the Pentagon would abide by President Biden’s order not to have American soldiers in Gaza and revealed that Israel’s Navy was collaborating to find and recover the lost boats.

When asked if the American soldiers that were on the loose boats reached any shore in the area, Singh told reporters that she received information that “most” of these soldiers were still on the ships. She added that another part of the pier broke off and caused major damage to the pier.

However, Singh told reporters that the pier wasn’t a failure and that it would be crucial to helping Palestinians in Gaza who are currently suffering because of the war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Despite the claim, she said she didn’t have any update about how much the pier would cost in total and how much money would need to be spent to repair and reinstall it.

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