Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets Again

( – A new Gallup poll reveals newly abysmal approval ratings for President Joe Biden as the 2024 campaign season gets underway. The February 23rd poll reveals a poor rating that comes close to Biden’s all-time low as it hovers around just 38%. Over 59% disapprove of his administration.

The polling results continue a trend that has plagued Biden’s presidency. It sank to 53%, below that of President Barack Obama, his Democrat predecessor, just six months into his presidency. By July 2022, it plunged to only 29%.

Additionally, the ratings for his administration’s work on America’s most pressing issues have also fallen. Only 40% of Americans approve of the job his administration is doing in Ukraine’s war against Russia. Continuing on the topic of foreign policy, only 30% of Americans believe his administration has responded properly to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The Biden administration’s reputation has also been plagued more recently by inflation – so much so that “Bidenflation” has become a popular common term among constituents. The prices of goods have hit historic highs under Biden’s presidency. Approval for his handling of the economy has dropped to 36%.

Illegal immigration is another concern that has even left many Democrats angry. The Border Patrol has been so overwhelmed during the Biden administration that most agents have resorted to a “catch and release” policy. New York City recently forced students out of a high school so that it could be used to house illegal immigrants. His job approval for immigration has fallen to 28%.

Americans are also increasingly concerned about Biden’s age. His presidency has been rocked by a series of gaffes, from fumbling with his words to speaking about deceased world leaders as if they were alive. A special report recently found that his memory was lacking, presenting a legitimate concern for someone who wants to serve as president for four more years. A recent poll revealed that 86% of Americans feel he is too old for another term.

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