Biden Gives Furious Response to Mayorkas Impeachment

( – US President Joe Biden raged after Republicans in Congress managed to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on February 13, accusing them of playing absurd “political games.” The GOP representatives won the vote with a final result of 214 to 213, making Mayorkas the first cabinet official in the United States to be formally impeached since William Belknap back in 1876.

In a statement, Majority Whip and Montana Republican Tom Emmer said that Mayorkas was responsible for creating an “unprecedented crisis” at the country’s border because of his “willful refusal” to enforce federal law. He added that Mayorkas’ decisions left many American citizens vulnerable, stating that House Republicans were forced to impeach him as Mayorkas refused to resign, which Emmer said was the “honorable thing” he should’ve done.

Following the vote, the commander-in-chief said that “history” would condemn the House Republicans who voted to oust the secretary, as he described what they did as an “act of unconstitutional partisanship.” President Biden also praised Mayorkas for the way he immigrated with his family from Cuba and how he has spent nearly three decades serving the country in public service and law enforcement with “integrity.”

The liberal leader also said that Mayorkas upheld the rule of law with his biggest faith from his time in the US Department of Justice as an attorney to his service as Secretary of Homeland Security and Deputy Secretary. President Biden added that Mayorkas demonstrated his deepest commitment to the values that make the United States a “great” country. He also stated that the House needed to give him, Mayorkas, and his administration every resource and tool needed to solve the border crisis.

Last week, House Republicans weren’t able to formally impeach him, as the vote’s final result was 216-214. Despite their recent success and the fact that it passed Congress, most political analysts believe that the United States Senate will probably fail to convict Mayorkas.

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