Biden Claims It’s Clear Trump Will Be Republican Presidential Candidate

( – President Joe Biden said on January 23 that it’s clear former president and presidential candidate Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. In a message to voters following Trump’s victory in New Hampshire’s GOP primary, Biden said that the stakes couldn’t “be higher,” claiming the United States’ democracy and everyone’s “personal freedoms” were at risk. The Democratic leader added that even the country’s economy could be severely affected if Trump became president again, a possibility he described as one of the biggest threats the country has experienced in its history.

President Biden also called every Republican and Independent voter in the country to “join us as Americans” in preventing Trump from reversing the rights and achievements the United States has conquered over the last few years. He claimed there wasn’t anything Americans couldn’t do if they “do it together.”

In the New Hampshire GOP primary, the former commander-in-chief earned 54.6 percent of support, defeating former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who is currently the only remaining Republican challenger. She received 43.4 percent of support, with many Republican leaders calling for her to suspend her presidential campaign to make every GOP voter unite around Trump.

Following his victory, the Trump presidential campaign published a statement that claimed the presidential race was “over.” The Republican leader thanked those who voted for him despite the arrest, indictment, raid, and “witch hunt” he has suffered lately. In a celebratory speech in front of a large crowd, Trump even mocked Haley for saying that the presidential race wasn’t over following the results in New Hampshire.

During an interview with Fox News, the former commander-in-chief said he was going to beat President Biden in the 2024 presidential election, urging Haley to suspend her presidential campaign as soon as possible. Trump noted that if the former South Carolina governor stays in the race, his campaign will have to “keep wasting money” instead of “spending” to defeat President Biden.

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