Biden Aides Panic Over Embarrassing Content of Classified Document Report

( – Biden administration officials are scrambling after a recent Special Counsel report revealed embarrassing details, complete with pictures, on the storage of classified documents in President Biden’s home and at the Penn Biden Center.

White House special counsel Richard Sauber said the documents had not been listed in any archive inquiries. He also noted that Biden’s legal team has been cooperating fully since the discovery. He expects the documents to be returned to the Archives. They largely stem from his tenure as vice president during the Obama administration. The documents were initially discovered in November 2022. Specific details of their contents have not yet been released.

Reports indicate that Biden’s aides probably won’t face any criminal charges. However, they are concerned about potentially embarrassing details included in the investigation, such as the manner in which the documents were stored.

They are particularly concerned about photos that could prove embarrassing for Biden at a time when his mental fitness has been the subject of voter scrutiny. Trump and Biden have been in a tight race for the top of the polls. Trump recently pulled ahead as news of the documents continues to spread. Those poll numbers came just a few days after polling showed Biden in the lead.

The incident has drawn parallels with a 2022 FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property after classified documents were reportedly stored there. The mainstream media has largely ignored Biden’s mishandling of the documents despite giving Trump’s investigation front-page headlines.

Conservatives have also called out the federal government’s lackluster response when compared to how they handled Trump’s investigation. Influencer Dinesh D’Souza accused the federal government of treating Biden’s infraction as “benign” while essentially treating Trump like a traitor.

Biden defended his improper storage of the documents by noting that the Corvette the records were stored next to was in “a locked garage.” He also claimed to take classified documents seriously and assured reporters that his legal team will continue to cooperate with investigators.

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